Please feel free to view our GoFundMe page. It kinda feels like I’m begging but, I guess I have to a little! No that;s wrong, I’m just trying my luck I guess! Being a mother means a lot to me, so I am willing to try anything in the hope of getting there sooner. Please […]

Happy blogger??

It just came to my realisation that my blog is changing. I am changing. things seem to be leaning toward more normality and happiness than triggers and upset. That’s never a bad thing and I have to admit it feels good. The past couple years have been a massive struggle but I feel that right […]

:) Family means I’m in thoughts….

So I realised even more so a yesterday that SO’s Mum really does care about my happiness and well being 🙂 I reminded myself that she listens to my wishes, whether emotional, or material. We were at her house and she was asking about Xmas, she asked me about Pandora bracelets. I showed her them […]