My DID Diagnosis

For the purpose of our Blog I thought I’d write down a quick summary of the DID system/alters I have. I will include alters I am aware of although I know there are others who I do now know. The following are most likely to be seen making comments on my blog and others. Or making new posts and etc so here goes, its actually harder than it looks getting this down on a list….

Myself (host, maybe) I am 24, born in July 1990. We live in  the UK. We are currently self employed part time due to care issues. I am in a long term relationship with Paul. I am a reclusive kind of person happiest in my own company. I am diagnosed DID and PTSD with some anxiety issues. I struggle to accept kindness but am working on healing enough to trust those who ‘care’ about me.

Shivon, 15-24. Shivon is an age varying alter, who is an angry and upfront person. She likes to give her opinion and have everyone accept it. She can be quite harsh and direct. She would like to be promiscuous and is bisexual. She enjoys all the things that she shouldn’t such as drink and smoking. She isn’t keen on Paul and isn’t keen on keeping peace within the system because she denies the DID diagnosis.

James, 15, is a gadget guy. He loves games and typical boy stuff. He’s rational and helps overcome other alters fears. He is one of the main protectors of Nat and tries to look after us all. He is like the typical big brother. He doesn’t come take over the body often.

Nat, 15, Is a very frightened part of the system. She has fears over most things and does not like leaving her safe place. She likes to sit behind James feeling protected. She is easily triggered. Nat is a carer of our younger parts and takes great pride in keeping them happy.

Jessie, 6/7 is a little boy. He holds some memories of childhood with parents, before any sexual abuse and has a tough time trying to ignore memories of family dynamics. Luckily he has support inside. He’s an adorable but very confused little boy who loves to colour and draw pictures. He likes to watch cartoons, snuggle his bear and talk or draw with t.

Bee, 9, Bee is a new alter really. She is very shy but nosy. She is very frightened of the world but wants to know what’s going on.. She is Jessies friend although she pushes him away a lot because she wants him to keep safe. Jessie thinks a lot of her. She likes to hide away in dark corners and just watch what’s happening around her. She feels the need to hide a lot.

The following are alters that probably wont have input on the blog/comments.

John, 26 is a tormentor within the system. He is a constant reminder of a sexual assault we experienced as a teen. We cannot decipher whether he’s an alter or vivid memory. But he is ever present and tortures everyone in the system. He definitely has a significant presence in everyone’s vision, not just thoughts.

Grandma, is an older and wiser part. I am unsure of age. She cares for and helps us all like the elder of the family. She is extremely loving towards everyone. she’s a shoulder to cry on when needed and is always happy to come up front when we all just need time out.

J, alter in the background, I do not know much of this part. They are like a shadow almost. A shadow with an opinion.

Mute, 2-5 small child, doesn’t talk at all. Inside or out. I believe mute is between toddler and 5 years of age.


… these are all I really need to mention right now. I hope you one day get the pleasure to see their thoughts. They really are a brilliant group of people. I’m fortunate, most of the time, to have them.

Thanks. Us all.


5 thoughts on “My DID Diagnosis

  1. Its nice to meet you guys! I’m our current acting host. Our main host is always asleep or it would seem so anyway. I look forward to more of your writings. XX
    Carol anne

  2. Glad to meet you all. I also have old alters and young alters, males and females. We need to cover all the bases so no one can hurt us again, right? I even have Tarzan as one of my alters, and he is ready and willing to defend the rest of us. Needless to say he is big and strong and has good muscles, unlike Nancy who is old and weak.

    • Nice to meet you too. I have other parts that are less know butbi didn’t really need to mention them here. They don’t really have names or take over the body. Yes I have alters that can try help us through most things to keep us safe. I feel fortunate to have some good people fighting alongside me.

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