…My Jar of Happy….

So a page of what makes me, and my ‘minds inside’ happy. The things that just make us smile. 🙂 This will possibly be the most potentially fun and happy page on here, Maybe!!!


– Fruity smelling stuff, like perfumes, soap, shower gel, bath essence, anything fruity. It makes me so so happy it’s ridiculous.

-Summer mornings that have a breeze. When you walk past gardens full of beautiful flowers that smell stunning. That’s something difficult not to smile at. Unless you have hay-fever that is… Hah

– ZZ Top song called legs, the tune is just fun, makes me feel bubbly and all happy inside.

– Hot bubble baths, is anyone not happy in a bubble baths?? Bubble baths make everything better, I’m talking loads of bubbles.

– Waking up tangled up in my blankets and my big teddy bear makes me smile. Also laugh at myself.

– My stepson doing his performances at college, he’s brilliant. They make me want to happy cry. So proud of him, sometimes!!! He’s by no means perfect!!!

– My house smelling of bleach, makes me sneeze and smile. I know it means my house is really clean and that makes me happy.

– My sofa makes me soooo happy when the cushions are freshly plumped up. So happy I sit on the floor so as not to ruin them.

– The hour I sometimes get alone on a morning when SO is still sleeping, blissfully happy and quiet.

– Looking through old photos, not digital, but printed ones makes me happy… Memories are sometimes beautiful, fun  things. Having a piece of happiness in  between your fingers to cherish is precious.

– Freshly washed bedding = A very happy me! Oh my gosh, it’s like getting into bed is the entry into a whole different peaceful realm.

– Receiving a cuddle from 2 year old Oscar and baby Theo makes me smile, and feel very lucky to have them in my life!

– Thinking about having my own family makes me smile.




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