Hello, I’m Bonny.

I am a 24 year old female who lives in a small town in the UK. I am happily engaged with a wonderful stepson, and 2 beautiful dogs. I am also diagnosed Dissociative Identity Disorder. Commonly known as DID, and PTSD. I lead a pretty plain life. I currently am Self-employed part-time as a cleaner, and spend most of my time with my partner and our dogs. My best talent is forgetting what I’m doing or trying to remember what I did! That’s DID for you.

I currently have around 13 alters, including myself. I believe I am the host of a very controlled system. More alters could appear but up to now these are the only alters I am aware of. I am fairly co-conscious with my system and have a good relationship with almost everyone in it. We all have an understanding that for the benefit of ourselves and others. We have to communicate and function together as a team. Just to be able to fit in this crazy society. It works kind of. I’m lucky that my alters work with me more than against. Although like anyone they can have off days and sometimes we are far from working perfectly.

This blog is just a way for us to let off steam. I have looked for approval all my life. I don’t look for it from you. Nor am I looking for sympathy. My past is past and my future will be what it will be. I do however hope you can understand and appreciate how I struggle but keep going. That is my life. Keeping myself going. Looking for peace!

My whole blog has a trigger warning attached. Please bear this in mind if/when you read it.


Us all.


27 thoughts on “About

  1. I am interested in what you have to say about DID and PTSD so I hope this is not too out-of-line. Please ignore me if it is.
    Are you a new blogger.? I can’t find any posts. I looked at Chateau and saw it had a lot of variety to it. I was wondering if you would like to put a side-bar on your blog. There are so many things one can do in a side bar. It’s a lot of fun.

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