Big sigh…

Today I am feeling a bit mehhhh. I think maybe company for so long is getting to me. Not that I mind SOs son and his GF being here, and not that they get in the way. It’s just not the norm and therefore can become difficult because change is hard to accept.

I can feel myself becoming ratty. Little things becoming a niggling problem. Stupid things, but I get obsessive when I’m coming away from my comfort zone. I guess I have to get used to the fact.

I think different alters just struggle with having to share space, posessions and stuff. Just because so much was taken from us as a child. To hurt us mainly. So whilst we can share. It’s almost as though we need confirmation that it’s gonna happen. It’s daft really.

Again my childhood bites me hard!!

I’m actually wishing for therapy to come sooner. I feel like I need my T right now. I wish I could spesk with her. I’m feeling a little broken. :(:(

I’m trying to chill in a bath though. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.


4 thoughts on “Big sigh…

  1. You will make it. I’m sorry the past bit you in the ass again…sending you a hug and hope t is good when it comes. XX

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