So last night I decide to pull an all nighter. In an attempt to sort out my crazy stupid sleeping habits.

Now for the first time in a long time its 12am and I’m going to bed. I’m nicely tired. So hoping I’ll fal to sleep before 5am!

Fortunately SOs son and his GF stayed up with me on my all night awake mission. It was nice to spend time with them. Just chilling watching films. Having a giggle. SO didn’t stay up though, but we didn’t mind.

So, I’m gonna set my alarm for 9am tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get up and start moving away from the nocturnal and insomniac habits I’ve become so accustomed to.

Oh and regarding my last post. I’m finally getting somewhere with pictures and have managed to find some on old dropboxes and stuff. Not them all but I’m not as disgruntled as I was about it.

Anyway, bedtime for us. Night.

4 thoughts on “Readjusting.

  1. its very easy for me to get my days and nites mixed up as well. i have to be very strict about going to bed at 2am, and getting up by 10am. or else i just sleep all day, and don’t want to go to be then. i supposed, if we lived alone, we could be nocturnal, but since we have others in our lives who function by day, then i guess so must we.

  2. Yay about your pictures. So happy to read that you were able to get some or most of them back. Glad that your getting the sleep back on track. X

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