New year new troubles….

So 2015 was the year to be all good. It’s kinda gone a bit sad though. Not a detrimental to life sad but sad all the same.

My external harddrive has died :(:( I’ve lost so many photos. It’s super super upsetting. All photos of SOs Gran, some of his dad. Our first holidays together. Christmases. Family parties. It’s truly gutting. Worst thing is I’d been in the process off rearranging them all to back them up, but when I tried copying them all to my laptop, for some reason it didn’t copy them fully :(:( so loads of pictures are gone. So now I’m in the process of pulling what pictures I do have from facebook, Dropbox and any other places I can think of. Where some may be stored. Who knows whats left in the internet abyss!! It’s going to tske some serious work to gain access to old iTunes accounts and such. Maybe I have google stuff too or something through old msn, bebo or whatever. Safe to say though I’m looking into some cloud type storage. As well as a new harddrive and I’ll possibly try save pictures to facebook whenever possible.

My biggest advice right now is don’t ever trust you harddrive as a backup. Always have several. A harddrive will eventually break. That’s a fact. Don’t be in the same boat I am. Back up your photos. I guess I’m just glad that I do have some pictures left. Also that I’d been getting pictures printed and stuff. Although none of the old stuff has been printed that lost :(:(

Anyway, other than that, SO and I have started back on our keep fit thing. We had some time off over xmas. Ate junk and etc. So are getting back to healthier food. Currently I’m battling headaches, i think I’m going cold turkey from sugar and sweet stuff.

Oh and on top of that my messed up body decided to show me I’m female with a period. Not as long as usual in between. October was the last one. So maybe something is working more. Or maybr fluctuating in weight is just messing up my hormones, joys of PCOS.

Anyway. Time to sleep. Fingers crossed this headaches gone tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “New year new troubles….

  1. I’m backing mine up to dropbox now! Don’t want that to happen to me! Didn’t know hard drives ccould die like that. sorry yours did. XX

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