Merry xmas… literally.

I have had what has to be the best christmas in years. I have genuinely enjoyed spending time with SOs family.

This is the first xmas in 3 years where no anxiety has over taken me and I’ve just been able to enjoy having my SOs family and son, plus his sons GF around. I loved it.

Merry xmas. I look forward to many more.

I do hope that next year I’ll have my own child to share xmas with. It’s at this time of year when I realise how much I’m missing. I hate that but still. I’ve enjoyed it.

Here’s to next year. I’m hoping it will be even more amazing. :):)

Now it’s home time. In the car actually,  on our way home. The drinks will continue for a little while. To celebrate with SOs son and his GF before we go to bed.

What an amazing xmas.

Oh and by the way. I love my pandora bracelet from SOs mum and Rick :):)


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