For the first time since my teens, these last few days I’ve just been getting slightly off my face stoned. It’s easier than being stressed. Although to be honest doesn’t really rid me of the stress.

Tomorrow I’ve planned to go shopping with SOs mum and him. So at least I’ll be busy. Which is a godsend.

I still cannot get over how bad yhe weekend has made me feel. I feel like a big rock is on top of me, just pulling me down.

I don’t have the strength to move it.

On a plus note I kind of spoke to SOs sister earlier this evening. I asked for her address to send hers and her sons christmas gift. She gave me it.

She seems okay. I told her she’s always welcome here and despite everything no love is lost between us. I’m hurt but I can’t just forget her. I am not like that.

I’m hoping that in the near future everything with at least SOs sister will be okay.

That would be good. Fingers are crossed.


4 thoughts on “Coping??

  1. So happy for you that things are looking up and your feeling better. Treasure the good days. We have too many bad ones. X

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