Try to be content but….

I am actually really looking forward to Christmas but it seems to just be getting difficult.

We are still being imposed upon rent free by the lodger. Which is super frustrating. Maybe he thinks I dont realise but I certainly do. Roll on January!

On top of that SOs Dad who passed in October left behind a very much besotted by him partner. She isn’t coping with him dying at all. If anything it seems to be getting harder for her. Not easier. So tomorrow we are taking her out. To a bereavement counsellor and into town to try take her mind off things a little. I don’t know what to do or say to help her feel better.

Also this weekend stepsons TV decided to go funny. The pictures gone bad. So we need to replace that. I can’t afford to until after xmas though. Which I feel bad for. Like I’m not providing for him good enough. That’s my own issue though…

Max wound from his op still isn’t healing. I can’t decide whether it’s better or worse. 

Im stuck in this bad rut :(:( I just want a good xmas! With my family minus the stress! Please!!!


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