So it appears tgat Max has been licking the wound he has from being neutered. It’s opened back up a little and a stitch looks to have come out.

Not good!

For tonight I’ve had to put a big plaster over it. If there’s no positive signs by mondat we’ll have to take him to the vets.

They’ll no doubt rob me blind 😦

Also because my brother and his family visited today (Saturday) SO has ended up costing £85 for sports supplements like protein and stuff for his workouts. I don’t mind him having them but it’s a big expense!

It wouldn’t have been so bad if our lodger had actually paid what he should, but without that money it kind of puts us in crap! Which is never good. I think the lodger knows too. He is kissing ass. He even put a picture of him and SO as his profile picture on facebook this evening. He’d never be one to do that before.

I told his GF early this week that he needs to find his own place after christmas. So maybe that’s why he’s feeling hard done by too. It’s not something we ned to worry about though.  We have enough to think about.

Hopefully after Christmas we’ll be starting the next step in trying to conceive. With injectable hormones. I think they’ll make me feel lousy so I really need my SO and me to be stress and worry free to help us sail through. Besides stress and worry doesn’t help my fertility at all. Or the doc says not. Anyway I don’t need to make excuses. We’ve beeb fair and good friends for long enough!

Anyway, it’s bedtime. We have to be up real early. We hace to go to a church service tomorrow. It’s like a commemorative thing of people who’ve passed in that district over the year. Obviously my SOs dad is included in the service so we want to attend and light a candle for him.

It will be sad but nice. We miss him loads. I even put up the Christmas card he gave us last year. I wish he was still here.


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