I am at the end of my tether with been taken for a mug! By it seems most of my so called friends.

So one of our friends ended up being our lodger in march 2014. He’d had issues with his GF and had to move out. He was only supposed to be with us for a couple week until he found a place. So we just let him stay. However after a month, it was clear he wasn’t looking for a place. So I said to my SO, he can stay here but you have to charge him board, of £200-£250 a month. Which I don’t think is unfair. After all he has a well paid job, and I’m not a free hotel! This is my home at the end of the day! He sleeps in my stepsons bed, I can’t do things I want to do when he’s here because he works nights. So a board charge is reasonable! However, he must think not, because since September him giving us anything has dwindled! I’m pissed. I want him out! If he can’t afford the measly £50 a week we charge him then how is he gonna get a place? Right now though I don’t care. It’s his problem. He is taking advantage of our friendship!!! £50 a week is like £6/£7 a day! A hotel would be a lot more trust me!! So yeah I’m seriously fucked off. He hasn’t given us anything at all for November. He got paid, 6 days ago, and apparently it’s all gone! Now granted I’m not gonna leave him homeless at xmas, but you watch this space. Once xmas is done with. So is he!

Mug no more!


6 thoughts on “Fuming!

  1. good for you for standing up for your rights in your own home! some friends become leeches when given the chance. best to do the housecleaning and get them out sooner not later 🙂

  2. You have every right to be angry, i can tell you and Paul are losing your patience and so you should be. It’s annoying to tread round the house because he’s on nights and you work hard to have such a nice home you should be able to enjoy as and when you please. He’s a nice guy but i really hope he starts to get the picture soon, if not we’ll have to start leaving subtle hints round the house. Like empty boxes with his name labelled on them perhaps?

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