An update where an update is due….

I’m not really sure where to start this update…. I’m unsure what I’ve written previously, I could just check but hey ho, let’s go for it.

So this weeks going slowww. We were meant to have Max neutered last Friday, I cancelled therapy for it and everything, but we ended up not even taking Max because I had a rough night and slept rubbish. So I cancelled T for nothing. So we’ve had to rearrange Max being neutered. He’s going on the coming Friday. I’m not cancelling T this time though. I’ll go by bus if I have to.

Next week on the 4th Dec we have some fertility stuff to do. SO has to go for a semen analysis at a special fertility hospital. It is going to cost us this time. 😦 Which is not good so close to Christmas. I hope his results come back okay. If they do, my fertility doc will start me on injectables. Like the ones they use for IVF but without the assisted fertilisation bit. I’ve told SO, no cannabis/drink/sex from Friday until the 4th :O Will be a killer for him but if him smoking or drinking is effecting his sperm we’ll know. I don’t want anything to hinder us being able to have the injectables. So fingers are all crossed. 🙂

Nothing super exciting other than that really, just planning Christmas gifts and stuff. I am quite looking forward to being with SOs family for Christmas this year. His mum makes and amazing dinner 😀 Yummy. She is taking us shopping tomorrow. I don’t know what for! We’re going to a mall, and the supermarket, fun ha. I took Bud to see his mum on Sunday. She loved him. It’s hard not to love him, he’s so cute!!!

Oh and on Thursday I’m going to see my mum 🙂 Which is good! I have to go into town on the way to pick up some xmas presents I have ordered. £130 😦 all on other people. Which is saddening, but spirit of xmas and blah blah blah! On Thursday I’m taking my mum her birthday gifts too, even though it was on the 5th an ages ago! I hope she likes them. I bought her Betty Boop stuff, she loves Betty Boop! Might see my sister too because she lives near town and I haven’t seen my Niece and Nephew for a while. Which is sad.  It should be a good day.

Anyway, I guess I should go to bed. We have to be up early tomorrow to meet SOs mum. I need to remember to get a birthday gift for little Oscar. Hopefully after work we’ll have time to see him before he goes to bed. If not that will be on Thursday too. FUN!

Laters. xx


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