Oh my gosh….

My stepson just by some sheer miracle stole over an hour of my life that I will simply never get back.

He decided on a film for us to watch! We had high hopes. However…..

The film we watched was called rubber. When I saw the title I figured that it was maybe a comedy about teen frat boys and their sex life. American pie kinda thing. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Oh the film made us laugh, but not for the right reasons. Just because of the sheer ridiculousness of the story.

Basically the film is about a tyre. Yes a car tyre. This tyre is homicidal and goes around this village killing people by blowing their heads up. Meanwhile there is a group of people spectating the tyre, some of whom get poisoned with a cooked turkey by a cop. The cops watxh pings that 6hours are up, tells himself the poison will have kicked in then turns to other cops and says it’s over we can go back to our normal lives, has a cop shoot him to prove it. Then some guy comes and tells him one spectator is left, and the cop says ok we have to carry on and the tyre continues it’s rampage. Killing loads of people by blowing their heads up. Oh I should add it blows their heads up by shaking on the spot in I presume, some kind of tyre mind control. :/

Anyway the cop ends up trying to blow the tyre up with a mannequin, but the last spectator comes to him and says he could make the story better with bazukas and such. So the cop gets pissed. Storms to the tyre and shoots it up. Then says that’s finished it’s all over.

The last spectator says he’s been had, then sees a tricycle rolling towards him. He realizes the tyres been reincarnated into a tricycle. Then the tricycle blows the spectators head up and goes rolling along making what seems a tyre army on the way.

Maybe there will be a sequel. I sure hope not…

You probably think I’m pulling you leg about this but i swear that I’m not!!!

Don’t ever watch a film called rubber it’s rubbish!!!!

4 thoughts on “Oh my gosh….

  1. my daughter was in a horror phase (still kinda is) and that was one we watched. we kinda already knew the story was about a crazed killer tire, and didn’t expect it to be truly scary, but more tongue in cheek and absurd, and it sure was. although we really appreciated it for that.

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