Bud, our new bird is so smart. Hes learned to go in his cage when we tell him to 🙂

We absolutely love him to bits. He makes us so happy right now. We weren’t sure about getting another pet, but I am so so glad that we decided to!

We just wish that our dogs wouldn’t lick their lips when they see him. We have to be careful when they are around.

Today Bud helped tidy the kitchen. Got a visit from my friend and her son. He let her son hold him. Sons only 7. He didn’t bite. Then Bud sat in the bathroom with us while we had a bath, and sat in their with SO while he was in the shower.

He’s such a happy little bird. We discovered how much he likes chilli pepperd today too 🙂

We have a day shopping with friends tomorrow. So we’re gonna feel real mean leaving Bud all day and the dogs. We’ll have to give them extra attention once we are home 🙂

Bud makes us smile……

He’s very good therapy!

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