We have a new addition.

We got a new family pet. I am in love!!!

Jessie and Bee absolutely love him. We have decided to call him Bud. Bud the Sapphire blue Celestial Parrotlet. He is 6 weeks old, and is adorable.

10421600_10204096577468109_6071695328147842017_n 10422443_10204094243809769_4496891768974852909_n 10458461_10152369245057721_6372865555131364333_n 10731114_10152369244817721_5372560884153103611_n

We do absolutely love him. He’s never really had human contact, so we were anticipating lots of bites, but he’s doing amazing. He’s okay with us handling him and hasn’t bitten too much.

We’ve already had him out loads. He’s been passed around everyone and done great with it.

I feel so happy.



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