My child parts make me look like a damn idiot. I feel like an idiot. When will I grow the fuck up. I’m just a fool. Playing around like a child. Does anyonr even like me. Does anyone find thr real me funny.

I think I’m annoying. Am I? I hate being me. It’s a piss take. People jist need to be honest. Why do I even care what people might think. Why does it matter? I can’t control myself

Having DID and child parts isn’t my fault. Them acting silly isn’t either. Yet it’s effected my whole life. I’ve been a loner. With few friends, if any at all. Would I have anyone at all now if it wasn’t for SO??

I’m just a fucked up person. Simple as that.


9 thoughts on “ANGRY!

  1. I am sorry you find the little children embarrassing. My wife does too, and yet, I love all the girls in my wife’s network. It makes me so happy when I see the little girls laughing hilariously, totally delighted by something in life. In fact I just put up a picture on my work desk of one such moment when we were on vacation recently. There’s so much pain and anger and fear that comes with d.i.d. so I cherish those moments when all that is forgotten and one of the little girls utterly enjoys something that we are doing.


  2. Thanks for being yourself and sharing. I have a lot to learn about D.I.D; but I know you are a wonderfully person. All of you are very precious.

    Enjoyed viewing your slideshow at the bottom,



  3. You are lovely! And we all like you over here! You write wonderful blogs, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, a mixed bag for sure but we love reading them! Your not silly at all, people will just see you as spontaneious. XX

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