Its 2.30am..

Despite it being the early hours of the men. This is coming to bed early for me. Best part is, I’m actually tired.

I’ve been super busy today. Rearranged bedrooms, moved beds to hoover under them. Hoovered everywhere possible (except the games room, job for tomorrow) l, SO cleaned windows whilst I cleaned furniture and dusted, and I’ve bleached my bathroom and kitchen. As well as done washing in between.

It feels great to have got all that done. I ache though! House smells like it’s been tidied though fresher almost even though I haven’t used any spray air fresheners and such. So that’s good.

I think I know what spurred me on though! I have a pesky infestation.  Well not infestation, but I’ve spotted several black little bugs in my lounge. I found that they are black carpet bugs… I have no dea where they’ve come from. I’ve never had them before. Apparently though they come because of dust and feed on dust. So more curiosity makes me wonder why they’re in my lounge. We dust, alot… To be extra sure though I pulled all the furniture out and havr given it a super hoover. I will keep doing that every day. If I still see them next week first I’ll cry, then I’ll have SO wash the carpets. Having the little bugs makes me feel all dirty and scruffy. Which is something I struggle to handle.

Ooh i saw Beki today too. :):) whilst SO had to run an errand with her partner. That was okay I guess.

Anyway, it should be a good Friday. I have to work for a few hours in the afternoon, but then I have T… Maybe she’ll mention the ‘Dear T’ post I did :/. After T we are going to pick up SOs Sister and Nephew. Theu are staying with us overnight. That should be good. SOs son and his GF are here too. :):) it should be good. SO and I have decided we like an active house on a weekend.

Oh and guess what. I’m changing. I am putting pictures in my kitchen. Family pictures!!! (I’ve never liked having family photos on show before) I’d braved putting some in the back entrance lobby. I liked them, but am now going one step further, and gonna let everyone see them. I have a big wall in my kitchen that there’s no units or anything against. It’s pretty bare. So I’m gonna make it a wall of photos. In frames obviously. I guess I am more secure with my family and friends, so I’m more able to “show them off”. I dunno. The wall should look good though. No doubt I’ll post a picture of it here :):)

Right. Sleep time for us.



4 thoughts on “Its 2.30am..

  1. Such a positive post. Sorry about the carpet bugs. Did you get rid of them? I’d be nervous because what if they got on the dogs? That’s me though, a worrier. XX

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