Isn’t it strange??

Why are we here sitting in fear,
Of a life we’ve no choice but to live.

Fried in our mind by our systems confined,
Of people we share torments with.

Asking questions of why to each single lie,
Of answers we’ll never get to know.

Living by the skill fought with each bit of will,
Of strength gained in feeling low.

Many minds in a single the space where we mingle,
Of friends and enemies paired.

Lead by torment we cry and for happiness we try,
Of memories with fun thats dared.

Childhood rudely taken mother would not waken,
Of upset and trouble she felt.

Left to the bad guys and what you say is their lies,
Of big threats and regrets all dealt.

Scaring a small child an adult so wild,
Of vigour and temptation within.

Only one with a smile on their face for a while,
Of fantasies of muck and sin.

For that we are shamed and in our minds blamed,
Of past memories we cannot forget.

Fighting against one another then like sister and brother,
Of a power we haven’t yet set.


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