Men are strange!

Just to say this post is probably going to mention sex. If you don’t want to read it, stop now… however I’d love for some other person to explain to me why men do this!

So I’ve come to realise that my SO is just really weird. Regarding sex stuff. He complains that after almost 7 years together I don’t show him as much attention as I used to. Which is total bull. He just always says no when I offer it. No spontaneity in our relationship any more. What happened to days where sex wasn’t limited to just the bed?

So it isn’t me not giving him attention. It’s him always saying no. It’s either, not now babe, I’m not feeling it babe, later babe! So tell me what am I to do??

I don’t want just sex at bedtime. I don’t want to give him special attention at bedtime. I want to go to sleep. What’s wrong with sex on the sofa. Sex in the kitchen or sex in the car? Where did we go wrong?

These things all used to happen. When did they stop. When did he get boring? We used to swing together. If you don’t know what that means I’m not gonna be the one to tell you. Anyway he wants me to be interested in that… how can I be? He has interest in that. He’s on that site all the time. So how is he not in the mood for my attention?

That is something I don’t understand. So please. Some male explain to me what I’m doing wrong. 7 years isn’t long enough to be doing the boring sex. Maybe I need to turn myself into a website he can read?

That’s silly. I don’t doubt he loves me. Not at all. He just is very good at pushing me away. I’m glad I can be openly sexually with him. That I can actually have sex. So I guess I should enjoy this time?? I just want to know how to get out of it!

Am I supposed to dress up? I can’t possibly offer much more. Am I supposed to parade myself to others to make him jealous? Go out clubbing? What???

He knows I’m dissatisfied with his constant no baby. He’s not stupid. Is he trying to do anything though? Does he know I want him to be different?

Oh this isn’t just since his dad passed. Not at all. So that’s no excuse. So what am I meant to do?


6 thoughts on “Men are strange!

  1. well, they don’t call it the 7 yr itch for nothing….sounds like you need to reinvent and spice up and make new your love life. really, tho, they do actually call it the 7 yr itch.

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