Lazy Saturday.

Totally forgot to update my blog…

I heard from T. Yay. It seems that I may be over thinking slightly but T understand what I was saying to her. She isn’t angry with me or anything. I am glad she replied. Over the weekend too. I was expecting her to leave it until Monday. So I’m glad she took time to reply.

I have messaged her after just explaining a bit more. Telling her boundaries that I’m okay with and stuff. Just to let her know how I feel about certain things. So I’m sure she’ll get back to me at some point. Again I’m not expecting her to until Monday.

I am so glad I am able to tell my T when something is wrong. I’m proud of handling things like an adult. Not just sitting back and being arsey about it. Issues are better solved before they escalate into something unnecessary.

T taught me that in helping me rekindle a form of relarionship with my Mother.

So yeah I’m feeling good. I even went to my friends this evening. By myself. To watch a film. It was nice. It’s something I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I was very anxious when I first got there. Being away from SO and everything but I was okay. I did okay. We had a giggle and watched a scary movie. It was nice.

James is happy too. He’s had lots of time on the Xbox. On the new game we got. Even though he’s not super good at it. He enjoys it.

Oh and this morning. After T emailed. I read it then I slept. Really well! So obviously it had been worrying me more than I though and was maybe stopping me sleeping. So tonight when I go to bed, I’m gonna read again what she said. Keep putting myself at ease. I told her in session, I’m just one of those people who needs a lot of reassurance. It’s true. I am. I like reminders that everything is okay.

So yeah that’s that. Now I’m going to be all grown up. Sort my washing out then go to bed. I am tired. I want to cuddle up to my ted and my SO. Then have a lovely nights sleep :):)

Everything is crossed. Tomorrow is a new day!

X us

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