I hate hate hate Christmas, but it’s here

So, despite it being only November 9th, Christmas is been thrown in our faces. Stores, television, internet. Everything is heading toward Christmas… It is absolutely soul destroying!!!

Unlike last year when I chose to stay home alone. I will be spending Christmas with SO and his family. Which will probably be nice, but I will no doubt struggle. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post.

So it like 47 days until Christmas! In that time I somehow have to win a lottery in order to buy everyone a gift. This year I have decided I am buying children, my stepson, his GF, (She’s easy to please) and SO and ourĀ parents, so whilst my list is shorter, it’s still pretty big!

How do people do it?? I mean where is the actual meaning of Christmas? All I see is everyone on Facebook, posting pictures of their child’s pile of presents. Maybe I complain because I don’t have my own child to buy for, but it’s crazy. A child under 5 does not need 100’s of pounds spending on them. You are turning your child into a brat! I’m sorry, I understand you love them, but if you ever for any reason cannot afford to spend 100’s on your child, you know they are gonna kick and scream right? Don’t make your kids unlikable!! Spoil them with love, with affection, with care. Not with tacky toys that cost too much!!!

I think this year I’m going to get all the kids clothes and books! The kids can make use of both. If their parents won’t read with them, then they may learn something whilst using the binding as roach for their dooby joints! Who knows! I wish parents took Christmas for what it was. Spending time with their family. Cosy evenings cuddling their kids. Reading stories and watching Christmas movies. Not partying, or leaving your kids in their rooms all day with the new toys they’ll never play with. Whilst giving every ounce of attention they have to their handhelds! That is not Christmas!

Anyway, regarding Christmas, and fairness and etc, why do I have to buy all the darling children an expensive gift. (I like to buy good gifts) but my dogs, who are vitually my kids, get absolutely nothing. Nothing at all! Send em a bone at least people!!!

That is all.



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