Grr at James.

Had a long discussion yesterday with James. He wanted the new COD game for the xbox. I said no! Price been the issue. He got arsey and that was the end of it. Or so I thought. Walking round Asda today doing shopping when we came to the games section.
Stomp stomp stomp. James started. Been an arse.
So he has the damn COD game. I’d just told T today that I wasn’t buying it. He obviously had other ideas.


5 thoughts on “Grr at James.

  1. sorry, i must be thick, but is James your SO or an alter? either way, it sounds like a normal guy been an arse.

  2. sorry he went against what you said, but sometimes if insiders feel that they don’t have anything or something they’ll do that. it happens to me all the time. xoxo

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