Weird one…

I had the weirdest nights ever.

I kept waking up, and seeing really bright lights, in all different colours. When I reached out to touch them my hand would go between them, then the lights would disappear.

It was soooo weird.

So I don’t know why it happened, I hope it doesn’t happen again too.

None the less, I am absolutely shattered because I got up at 8 after a very late night…. On a plus note I should sleep well tonight and therapy tomorrow!!! Looking forward to it. Especially seen as someone else took half the time last week!!! I won’t mention no names but she knows!!!!

So that’s that. I’m going to go eat cheesecake 😀


6 thoughts on “Weird one…

  1. i have had things like that happen too. only not bright lights with colors, i saw colorful patterns swirling everywhere, and when i looked at my body, they were also covering me. i touched them, but they stayed, everywhere i looked and on me. i closed my eyes and opened them and they were there. but when i woke up later, i never saw them again. but this did happen about 3 times in a week.

    i am told they are hallucinations.

      • hallucinations are like that. just random. i had one back in 2003, and never had another til sept when i had the ones i mentioned above.

        they are commonly associated with bipolar, schizophrenia, severe depression and other non specific psychotic states. the thing about psychosis is, you don’t usually know you are. sometimes, others can’t tell either. i would imagine that PTSD could also be associated with them, since your brain has be rewired due to the trauma, and the memories and flashbacks.

      • hmmm, ill have to ask my T tomorrow… It kept happeneing every time i woke up… Id touch it, then go back to sleep. It was just there swirling. the only noise i could hear was like a humming.

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