Not to be wasted any longer :O:O

Some of my best stuff, seems to be lost in Facebook!!! No longer. Here it will be documented, forever and a day. Poems galore… 😀



Now you’re gone and we’ve said our goodbye,
Laid you to rest in the dirt down where you lie.
Peacefully resting forever sleeping in a dream,
Leaving behind a legacy and tears of a stream.
We gave you what we thought was only the very best,
Our final physical show of love of laying you to rest.
We are not done though Pops do not let that cross your mind,
Pulled together more than ever now your family is bind.
Your last place of rest will be tended by us with love,
As we pray to the heavens that your happy up above.
Look down on us now Pops with pride and delight,
Help us to get through our life in ways you feel is right.
Don’t begin to think we will ever miss you any less,
Even when thinking of you stops leaving us a mess.
Forever held you’ll be in many a fond heart,
With memories of happiness as if we never did part.
We’ll see you again Pops in a future we cannot predict,
Until then we’ll go on coping through this emotional conflict.
Rest now pops it’s okay to stay sleeping,
I got your Kids in my heart here for safe keeping.


It’s in difficult times when things come to light,
Family and friends come together a unison with might.
Relationships formed through common interest in you,
Grieving together hand on hearts to pull ourselves through.
Missing you each hour emotions become strong,
TV and radio bring memories with tunes and a song.
The reminders are clear of your bright smile and blue eyes,
A man full of strength and courage so wise.
A father, a son, a brother as well,
A companion and a grandad bursting with pride I could tell.
Your family filled with love and your friends who belong,
A beer or a coffee depending on who came along.
I am proud to have met you intriguing as you are,
Although not my blood considered a father and pa.
Pops was your name old timer too,
The banter our game bouncing off each other on cue.
Love is amazing confusing i might add,
I never knew how much i loved you and saw you as a dad.
So thank you pops just for being your down to earth self,
No airs or graces no worries and no wealth.
We should add that perfect you Definately weren’t,
A troublesome chappy who just never ever learnt.
Anyway it’s goodbye pops I’ll meet you again soon,
But till then know I’m looking for you when I stare up at the moon.

xx love you xx



Thank you baby for giving to me,
Your love, respect and honesty.
A happiness, joy and a sheer delight,
That I savour in darkness seeing a light.

Thank you baby for sharing your love,
Giving to infinity to the stars up above.
A soulmate from a place of only good,
Brought me a man i never thought it would.

Thank you baby for giving family to share,
Opening hearts to me with so much care.
Giving your mothers and fathers love too,
Allowing me to love them the way you do.

Thank you baby for cuddles in a dark time,
Sitting here my man and partner in crime.
Holding together our minds are in line,
Finish a sentence we see our love shine.

Thank you baby for loving me I cannot say much more,
For giving me a purpose deep in my core.
A happiness i never thought possible in life,
Support through every bit of trouble and strife.

So thank you baby i love you forever and a day,
And fuck all the haters and whatever they may say.
Here is my love for you shown to them all,
I’m proud to i need you in my life to stand tall.

xxxxxx love you baby xxxxxx



It seems that it’s pretty easy to just let the time slip by,
Through sunny and even cloudy skies without the slightest try.
Forgetting family ties that bind as appreciation goes down the drain,
Until miserably crawling we come to you with the first droplet of rain.
Maybe a little too often we forget to remind you Mum we care,
Barely remembering to thank you when you help us here and there.
We keep saying we’ll take a moment and step aside out of the haste,
To spend time with you and Richard like a family with time to waste.
What we are trying to say is just that we’re sat here happy as can be,
With an overwhelming gratitude branched out as far as we can see.
On your birthday you deserve no other than to be told we love you dearly,
For being the best Mum a person could wish for and we mean that sincerely.
So just thank you Mum and Happy Birthday have an amazing and relaxed day,
Just promise not to judge our love for you by the size of the bouquet.



Paul, paul your pants are small they make me smile each day,
Everytime you wiggle all around laugh and then stop I say.
Dangling it down all southward bound until it becomes awake,
Screamimg is the only sound never ever gracing a fake.
Howling with laughter you know the reason,
Sweat might be dripping depending the season.
Everyone thinks I’m being rude,
But I’m not they’re just being very crude.
Really I’m on about your knees.

tht will do 4 now


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