Roll on Friday. Walking around in a blur. What do you do, after someones died.  Funerals all been and done. No more rushing around. Just an emptyness… a void. Where that person should be! So what now?

What do i do now??? I’m stuck in nothingness. Mourning is it?

It’s rubbish… i want to see them, hug them, tell them i love them.

But I’m here and they are gone… when will i join them?

When is my peace?

I can’t cope. I simply can’t cope.

The hard exterior is crumbling from the inside. I can feel my weakness breaking free. I can feel my need for comfort overpowering my better judgement. The need to be cared for and held…

I’m giving myself to the first available person. Will i be damaged? I don’t know. Do i care right now?



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