I will make a good Mother because….


So, I got to thinking, again about Motherhood. When’s, hows and what ifs…. and guess what I have decided. Not fully realised, just decided and considering.

I will make a good Mother!

I guess you want to know my reasons? Well they are as follows;

I will make a good Mother because;

1. I am a person who is very skilled at putting the needs of other before my own, although am becoming able to realise when I need help too!

2. I am wise enough to say that I am not perfect, I will make mistakes, but making some mistakes is normal and it is okay.

3. I am becoming able to ask for support when I need it, and am able to understand that just because people are busy it doesn’t mean they don’t care.

4. I understand that people have emotions, saying and meaning are two whole different things.

5. I can accept that I have done wrong, and been done wrong to in the past, and that only my done wrong moments are my fault, but that none make me a bad person.

6. I am becoming able to take time to consider all sides of the story before judging how people may or may not feel about me.

7. I realise not everyone is out to get me, and not everyone in the world is bad, but that acting with some caution is not crazy, but being responsible. For myself and any future children.

8. I accept that my SO and I have very different beliefs regarding parenting, and that there will most likely be disagreements, but that won’t make us bad parents, that makes us good parents who will stand up for what we believe is right for our child until we come to so compromise.

9 I am realising that one bad moment doesn’t mean everything else will be bad. Just because your little one says they hate you, it doesn’t mean you wont get a bedtime kiss and a plea for a choccy biscuit.

10. I know that my SOs family will not hurt me or any children I may have. I trust them with my memories, my body, my opinions, and ultimately, my real selves.

11. I know life will never be perfect, and I accept that I am going to have to save my own emotions until my possible children are a safe distance away. To keep them happy and safe, as children should be.

12. I accept that just because we haven’t had a child yet, that doesn’t mean we never will. That doesn’t mean God has it in for me. That doesn’t mean I am a really bad person who doesn’t deserve to be happy.

13. I accept that I will forever be poor, be covered in puke and smell like baby bath and baby poop! Probably most of the time, because I’ll be too tired to bathe.

14. I know that no matter what I will love my child. No matter who or what they become, because they will be my blood and I will have created them, with someone I love.

15. I have already told my T she will be my port of call if I mess up… (See responsible)

16. I realise life doesn’t always have to be serious. Life can be fun if you let it be!

17. I understand that emotions and upset is normal.

18. I asked for help when I needed it!

19. I ma becoming open, and letting my guard down, with people I can trust.

So, there’s just a  few reasons…. To be honest, that’s a very upbeat post for me. What with the bereavement and etc, but I’m trying to feel hopeful and stop any SH thoughts, because ultimately, they are daft….

That is all.


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