Good and bad…

So, its been a lonnnnng day.

On a plus note my new bedding came yesterday, and it’s so comfy i love it!!!

Bad note, i spent lots of time in it yesterday, my tummy was hurting, so i took a pill, but it didn’t stop it hurting, so i took another, and that kinda knocked me out, made me light headed and feel sick. It was Solpadol :/ so i won’t take those anymore. I went to bed at 8.30 and didn’t wake up until 11. Then went back to bed at about 2am and slept until about 1!! Crazyness!

So today we had to go scatter SO Gran and Grandads ashes 😦 (R.I.P) Which was sad. Then we all went to their favourite fish and chip shop, which was nice, but whilst there we got a call that SOs Dad was ill! Again, and his partner wanted an ambulance out… We told her to wait, because we didn’t want him in hospital unnecessarily. So everything went quiet. No more calls so we presumed he’d had a sleep and was okay. That is until i got home, had a bath, got my PJs on, then the phone rang. Ambulance was on its way to his Dads. So it was a quick get dressed again, then go through to his Dads. We got there in time for me to go into the ambulance to AnE with him. Which was good. That was at about 8.30 we didn’t leave the hospital until 12.10am!! Tedious, but he’s in the best place. So looks like another week of hospital visits. I just wish they’d help him get better!

Another good note is that i decided i really need to stop having the odd cigarette, especially since i’m wanting a baby. So that’s it. No more smoking. I’ve done 2 days 😀 So that’s good. I’m pleased with myself for that!

Oh and the last bad note, or maybe it’s good… My ovary is hurting like a bitch, so something is happening down there, when it doesn’t usually, so who knows, maybe i ovulated 😀 I’m not expecting a baby, but i’d like to know i ovulated! At least! I’m gonna ring my doc tomorrow though and ask for my blood test results! See what they say. Which i guess is kinda exciting. If i ovulated i think i’ll need more Clomid anyway for the next cycle so they need to do a prescription for that! Which i’ll have to collect from the hospital!!

Godddd it’s all go!

Anyway right now i’m putting films onto the tablet for SOs Dad! Cause i’m nice like that!


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