I’ll sleep tonight…..


The above picture is showing what I’m doing right now, and it’s so well deserved it ridiculous.

I have had an exciting day :/ I’ve ridden in an ambulance. I’ve seen doctors, nurses and porters of all different shapes and sizes. I’ve drank 2 vending machine hot chocolates. I hpoked a person upto mains oxygen. I remembered lots of facts and details, and best of all is that I’ve been calm throughout.

I have spent 5 hour in the hospital. TEDIOUS!! My SOs dad is ill. He has COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis. He is struggling a lot to breathe. The hospital are keeping him in. We aren’t sure how long for. He’s in the best place though. Hooked up to the oxygen which is helping him massively. We will probably see him tomorrow. Well SO will. I’ll be at therapy.

He should be okay. Doctors reckon he has an infection on his chest. We shall see….

On a plus note, this morning SO and i went and got me some GHDs 🙂 and we got SO some more nice clothes. For some reason i can spend a fortune on him, but really struggle spending on myself. Yeah i know i got GHDs but I’ll be honest, they are a cred card purchase until i get money for xmas. So I’m not really spending money. Not my own anyway.

So yeah therapy tomorrow… happy face :D… cannot wait! Don’t even know why i can’t wait. Haha.

Going crazy!!!

Anyways I’m going to enjoy my bath 🙂



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