Music is just amazing….


We have been playing around on photo-shop. Can’t you tell?? 😉

It’s true what it says though, With your imagination you can paint life as something amazing. Life is whatever you want it to be! Good/bad or ugly.  Your life is now your canvas and you are in control of the paints!

Your canvas…..

Grab that control and run with it, as far as you may need.

Hold it tight to your chest, until you’re at where it will lead.

It’s all in your hands, whatever you want it to be.

You can forget or remember, only what you want to see.

Erase a mistake, learn lessons only good.

Speak up and be noisy, like your child would.

This is your life, grab it by the horns.

Control your existence, the mental contracts torn.

A clean slate, is where to start.

You can do it if you want it, deep in your heart.

It can be beautiful, your life that’s what it will be.

Your heart and imagination, holds the desired key.

XX Bonny XX



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