Anticipating tomorrow….

Got an important appointment tomorrow morning, first scan and internal to see if we have any follicles developed. I’m hoping the tablets have done their job, but who knows. I’m not really looking forward to the appointment, i have to be there at 8.20 too…. Sooooo early. I guess i should just keep everything crossed that results are good though.

Everyone cross your fingers for me, please.

I feel the need for a poem. 😉

Simply fertility….

I am scared of tomorrow for reasons you know,

Fear that bad results will bring feelings so low.

Yet excited too for what the day brings,

Maybe good news of ovulation and things.

This is my struggle another i know,

My fingers crossed tightly doesn’t it show?

I am hoping for follicles simple as that,

Cause an appearance means there’s eggs to get at.

Admittedly it’s true the probe is not my thing,

but a simple internal is nothing compared to what childbirth would bring.

It’s just a scan and an internal so easy it seems,

easily difficult because tomorrow could ruin my dreams.

I’m not even sure i wont cry if all’s good,

because it means a lot just to work like a girl should.

So maybe next month i could be crying with fear,

what have i done a baby is here….

I’m scared of motherhood but it’s something i have to do,

remember though in 9 month time when i’m tired and a mess, don’t ever say we told you!

I have accepted my future and a very tired fate,

and also that to every function i’ll probably be running late.

Carting too many nappies and formula for a baby so small,

with a snotty little baby who when asleep looks you could maul.

In a good way of course with kisses and hugs,

Until said child starts screaming needing to suck more life from my jugs.

You’ll laugh and smile with a knowing wink,

thinking i regret it but forgetting the link.

I’m prepared to be tired and prepared for life to change,

if i wasn’t lets admit that i’d just be strange.

So tomorrow my fingers will cross and stay held together tight,

I’ll pray for good news with every bit of my might.

Maybe who knows we can never guess,

Maybe tomorrow i’ll be a happy mess…….




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