Triggering me :(

There’s an ad that keeps coming on UK tv in aid of nspcc or similar and I find it absolutely horrific. The emotions it stirs in me and other parts is terrifying.

It’s an ad where a youn girl is talking to a counsellor type person saying they aren’t listening and she screams at the counsellor that she doesn’t want to. Anyway the girl ends up saying she is being abused by her dad. Then it goes onto another child.

I hate hate hate this ad!!! It’s on during every ad break. It’s got to the point where as soon as it comes on my SO switches channel until it’s gone off. I don’t know why it triggers me. It’s the girl screaminh at the counsellor though that sends everyone weird.

I’m usually fine with the NSPCC ads, the children in them are actors and i know they are to raise awareness and to help children see they aren’t bad. I just need to stop seeing this one though.

I can’t stand it…. but i can’t avoid it, becase it’s everywhere. Each time SO puts the TV on it’s there. Why play it so often??

Do other people get triggered by stuff like that too???



2 thoughts on “Triggering me :(

  1. ya i get triggered by some stuff that seems harmless too. recently i was in a mental health assessment clinic waiting room, and on the tv they had a cooking show on that was in louisiana, and they were showing catching and preparing and cooking animals i dont consider food, and didn’t want to see being prepared. it was horribly triggering. i had to ask the tech to change the channel. i never knew that was such a huge thing for me before that. weird, huh.

  2. I know what you mean. The ISPCC ads really trigger us too. I think its because we’ve been there, even though the kids in them are actors and actresses. Its cuz we know the realities of it. XX

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