Horrible moment….

SO and i did our workout earlier, its been warm so it made me hot and sweaty. Which i hate to be so i said i was getting in the shower. I love batgs/showers. So really that was a reward to myself for doing the workout. It didn’t work like that though.

I started the shower, got undressed etc and go in. Started washing my hair and cleaning myself when i started panicking. I don’t know why i panicked. It was because the soap was making me itch. Then it felt like hair was all over me. I could feel it. It wouldn’t stop. So i was frantically trying to wash hair off and itch. Until i stopped dead almost having a panic attack. I looked down and there was red on the bath.

It was coming from me….

I ended up curled under the shower. I switched to i don’t know who. I couldn’t get myself back…

Moral of this story…. that soap is not for sensitive skin and periods are just bastards….

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