You know you are DID when…..

I have had an excited child all day. Jessie wants to pack some things in my backpack to take to T’s with us on Friday… He won’t tell me what he wants to take!!! I think T would be shocked if he took it, and probably doesn’t want to give Jessie that session anyway.

He is insistent though, but maybe he’ll forget?


7 thoughts on “You know you are DID when…..

  1. would it be bad if Jessie had some time with T? or if he showed some of himself by bringing things that are important to him? Maybe it would help all the insiders to work better together, and also let them know they are important too, and they can share safely about themselves?

    don’t really know, maybe im completely wrong and totally offbase. if so, sorry!!

    • It wouldn’t be bad but i’m not sure if she’d want to! I tould be nice if i could just let him take things. I just keep worrying that i’m gonna looks stupid or something because i’ve taken things from home. I’m really weird like that…. Don’t like to draw more attention to the way i am and things i do/like.

      I understand about making them feel special though….

      • well, if you are wondering about that, i read other DID blogs, and lots of them share therapy time with others who want to be out, and let the others bring their important things. it helps encourage all the parts to be known and respected as who they are. and it is not silly in the least.

        maybe, if you decide to try it, try taking just one item and telling the insider they will have a certain amount of time of the session.

        whatever you do, is ok, cause its what you need. good luck on whatever you decide.

  2. hi Jessie, I say tak de stuf I wud I love showin our t fings she is real nise to me and I brot my tinkerbell doll before and we bringed stufies and a blanket it was fun! taylor

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