Alone you say is what i feel,
forever in sadness handed a bad deal.
Be happy content and see what you got,
forget about the past and all that was not.
Expected to discount all what made you be,
live on and you’ll be smiles soul be free.
Fortunate to be here with such love and care,
never hiding however that it didn’t exist there.
Innocent and needy is a child all alone,
Reliant for food, water and a warm loving tone.
Thrown back to your corner back in the dust,
Dare to need some love and care is unjust.
Unrealistic expectations so already a mess,
No amount of goodness can possibly make that less.
Backlash is imminent but you just don’t see,
the fear in the eyes cowering with terror burning me.
It seems they’re just words spoken through shy,
Not realising they’re spoken through the wish to die.
Struggle is acceptable the fight to go on,
fall backs will happen problems never all gone.
Strength and power overrides need for love and care,
Stronger now and they’d be the first to tear.


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