Updates…….. Good, Bad and Ugly!!

So I see we have gone into lazy blogger mode. I don’t mean to I just don’t think to write on my blog all the time, and I kinda have “oh I’ll do it tomorrow’ moments, and just simply never do, but alas, here I am, ready to update the world on my fun little life 😀

Honestly things have been good since our trip to Scotland. I can’t wait to go again! I’ve enjoyed sorting through pictures from our trip, getting lots printed, 300 in total, for only £6 delivered, cause I’m a bargain spotter 😉 I finished sorting them today, they are now in a nice photo album, all in order, just waiting for me to have a look through them again and jot down some notes on some. 🙂 FUN!! 

We’ve also since Scotland had an addition to our family! Not the kind with legs, but the kind with wheels!!! We are now owners of a gorgeous silver Audi TT! I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It’s so pretty. SO and I will really enjoy doing it up, modifiying it and stuff 🙂 and it means I can do research, James is so excited to have a car to mess with again! Hehe it’s all good. 

Also, we are still doing our gym workouts!! Haven’t given up, and guess what!! This less fat biatch has lost 1.5stone 😀 Woooooop. Feels good to be taking care of myself. 

Seems getting fit is doing good too, because today, my body decided I could have the beginnings of a period!! All by myself, with no pills! It’s just happened! I’m in shock 😀 Happy shock!!! My crazy body is working…. I’ve actually just e-mailed T to tell her I am menstruating haha!! That excited!! 1 step closer to ovulating 😀 Yayyyyy.

Also T and me are working on stuff, with her EMDR buzzer things. It’s going well. She says i am doing awesome. I am processing stuff! The image is changing! That’s good. My brain is working reallllllly hard, that’s what she said! We are doing good not to switch too, we only did once! I’m pleased with how it’s progressing 🙂

Oh last week as well I realised something, about life!!! I realised i am waiting for something big and miraculous to happen to make life good, but ignoring the small things that make me smile! That’s silly because if I add all of those small things together, it can make up something big and miraculous! My life is not all bad!! 🙂

You know what, today, I feel good!


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