Our trip to Scotland….

I just wanted to share some images of our time in Scotland. We had a wonderful time. The views were amazing!!! I am definately going again next year! Gonna go for two week next year instead of one, and I can’t wait!!! Enjoy my photos 🙂


10374466_506566019471929_4173303261484508895_n 20140617_123205 CIMG1479CIMG1999  CIMG1484CIMG1660DSC_0051 CIMG1509 DSC_0023 (3)DSC_0029 (2)    DSC_0083 (3)DSC_0034 (6)DSC_0086     DSC_0149 (2) 20140618_091505received_m_mid_1403025501036_32a2501afd8b1e3a82_0 SAM_0450

DSC_0063 (6) CIMG1746CIMG1730 CIMG1575 CIMG1519SAM_0459CIMG1785SAM_0418DSC_0156DSC_0082

DSC_0143DSC_0128DSC_0089DSC_0147DSC_0161DSC_0145 (2)DSC_0050 (6)DSC_0066 (3)DSC_0063 (5)DSC_0031 (2)DSC_0043 (2)DSC_0021 (2)DSC_0020 (3)DSC_0026 (2)DSC_0051DSC_0005 (6)DSC_0005 (2)20140618_100001DSC_000220140618_100147DSC_0036 (2)20140618_100839


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