You know you have D.I.D when suddenly your kitchen is flooding!

It began innocently, SO made dinner so I washed up. Then emptied the sink, and began refilling it, with hot water for a tray to soak in. Intentions were good. I had emptied the water, replaced the plug, and turned on the hot tap. 

Then it went wrong!

I came back, and I was peeing, nice I know, in the downstairs loo. I heard a very strange noise, one my house hadn’t made before. So I listened for a couple minutes. I decided that it must be the dog, peeing, but thought he’s peeing for a long time. I opened the toilet door, to see my German Shepherds furry face staring at me, she look panic struck. For reasons I didn’t know. I fussed her as I buttoned up, then cleaned up before happily strolling back into the kitchen.

Where I discovered what the noise was, and why Kia looked panicked. My kitchen looked like a swimming pool!!! I just used every towel I own to clean it up! Water was all over the work surface, around the sink and appliances, and streaming down onto the floor like a waterfall down the cupboard fronts!! Not good.

So I stuck my hand in boiling hot water. to pull the plug out…. HOT HOT HOT! Spilling more water onto the floor. It was ridiculous!!! How silly can a person get? Flooding the kitchen :/

So who am I to blame? Jessie, that’s who, he came out and took the dogs to play in the garden!!! He didn’t turn the tap off, because he was only going to be a minute!! 

Least it’s all cleaned up now!!!


4 thoughts on “…….

  1. These are the kinds of posts I cherish… If we hadn’t been able to laugh at ourselves, we never could have made it through.
    Can’t tell you how many times I’d fill the coffee maker, turn it on only to switch to another before the pot made it back into the coffee maker.

  2. Your lucky you didn’t get water in the plugs! Poor Jessie, must be sad that he caused that. Waves hi to him. Glad you got it all cleaned up! Xo

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