A poem.

Sitting alone with my thoughts running in my head,
Forcing me in any direction other than my bed.
Late nights are the norm with too much keeping me awake,
It seems my sanity is seriously the only thing at stake.
I’m not sure I can take this and survive to the end,
It seems like everythings just taking too long to mend.
I keep trying all for nothing is exactly how it seems,
It’s like everything in my mind comes from totally opposing teams.
I was happy yesterday I was fine now it’s gone,
In the flicker of a light pointing down to me on me the bad one.
It felt like an end to the suffering was coming near,
But now this pain has been caused by thinking of the people I hold dear.
I’m confused and I’m worried tell me what should I do,
To get back the good feelings I’d like to become accustomed too.


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