Damn what a day!!!

Today has been so long it’s ridiculous. I’m only just getting to bed and it’s tomorrow! 2.50am!!!

Anyway we took SOs son to his dyslexia assessment today. He was the two hours. So SO and I went into the city centre. After finsing parking at £1.60 for four hours… that’s cheap for leeds! We had to walk a faur distance to get into the centre though. We went and got some bits for our holiday and then to subway. Not really good for our weight loss thing but hey ho. It was yummy anyway! Then we walked back upto the centre where SOs son was. We didn’t have to wait long before the assessor came and got us to discuss findings.

So, SOs son is dyslexic. The guy said he has really good, superior, ability to like think on his feet and talk etc, but that his ability to read wasn’t terrible but wasn’t where he’d expect it to be considering his superior ability in quick thinking. He also said that he has memory issues. For very short term stuff because his brain kinda doesn’t have the space to do everything it needs to to remember. He cane hear or read something, but thats uses all the space leaving none for him to think about it and process it to then remember it. Which makes sense I guess.

I don’t know whether SOs sons happy about the findings or not. I know his mum and dad are though. I think they just like to know he has a reason for being the way he is. Rather than thinking he’s just lazy. Trouble is though he is pretty lazy because he just leaves everything until last minute and doesn’t give himself time to do something well. So he struggles more but who am I to say?

SO reckons I just don’t understand. He seems to think I have this super brain that doesn’t struggle with anything! I do. Course I do. The reason I can write and read and stuff is because I worked damn well hard at it. I wasn’t a bright kid at school. I was average. I tried hard though. I wanted to be better. God I hated certain aspects of school. I’m good with writing and reading. I still make mistakes and forget stuff. Numbers is a whole different story. I’m utter rubbish. I absolutely hated maths at school. I dreaded lessons because I just do not get it. I have never been able to recite times tables. I have no idea how to add fractions and decimal points and I’m clueless as to what x measures or x+xy equals. Hated maths. Still do. Can’t add up well or anything without tonnes of effort.

So no SO. I don’t have a super brain. I have my strengths and weaknesses. Doesn’t everyone though?? Put me in a room of people and I can’t make conversation for shit, stick me in a corner with an essay to write and I’m fine. He thinks they have it harder! I beg to differ. When in real work how many times are you gonna have to answer stupid questions, or write essays about books or poetry? Pretty much none in most professions. Where as talking and making conversation, that’s an everyday thing. I think I’d rather be able to talk to people and make a conversation out of nothing. Let’s face it. Someone who struggles to read and write can get extra tuition but someone who can’t make conversation isn’t gonna be able to learn how.

So what’s more important in real life, academic ability or social abilities?

What am i saying though. According to SO it’s because I just don’t understand how they struggle.


On another note, we did another workout today. Kind of. My body aches like a bitch in places I never even knew you could ache. It’s crazy! It’s feeli g good though. Feel good summer isn’t it 🙂 even everyone inside is feeling good. That could be because their stupid bands will be here tomorrow or Friday though. They can’t wait. They’ve already told a girl we chat to from America that they are going to make her one and need her address so they can post it to her. I guess that’s sweet really!

Well I best go to sleep. Mel, oscar and theo are supposed to be here tomorrow. Andies already here, lodging, and SO said he could stay another month today :@ grrr. Anyway I have chicken in the slow cooker. So I’m planning on making us all a lovely dinner 🙂

Night all xxxx


2 thoughts on “Damn what a day!!!

  1. I know what your saying about the socialising thing. I think your right. Its better to be able to socialise and be social than to be real academic. After all you need those skills in every day situations! XXX

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