I’m such a lazy blogger!

I am just really lazy… I don’t even want to write this post but I really should! I haven’t even written anything on my story for the last couple days! Super lazy!!!

Anyway, I’ve not been up to much! SO and I have been using his gym, and have been eating better, and I have somehow lost almost a stone, I don’t even know where!!! I reckon it’s just my fat face and double chin that’s done it…. More chins than a Chinese phone book me! It’s good though, working out a bit! We have the multi gym in the garage, and a, I don’t even know what it is, let me google it…….. It’s a York bodygym. Basically you lay on it, and kinda do similar to on a rowing machine, but its more strength training than cardio! It’s good 🙂 We got some free weights too but I want my so to get some more… Cause they are better than the multi gym I think. I need to make even more space in the garage too!!! Or I just need a bigger garage. Gonna have to move the bikes or something :/:/:/

So yeah that’s us, trying to be healthy and stuff! SO reckons he’ll have me out cycling soon! I’m rubbish at cycling, I fall off, think I’m gonna die, It’s not good but who knows!!!

Other than fitness stuff, we’ve not really been up to much! I am excited for Scotland, only 13 more days. Woop! I ordered some loom bands today, they are all the rage in the UK. I am gonna make things on the way to scotland. Maybe i can make something nice for T because I know she’d be weird if I bought her something. So if I make it, in Scotland, then technically it is a gift from Scotland haha. Also it’s not weird then because I didn’t buy it. So yeah, T when you read this!!!! Get over it 😛 I want to go shopping again next week to get more clothes 🙂 I’m not rich enough though 😦 Unfortunately. Ooooh. SOs Dads Gf gave me a waistcoat the other day! It’s denim…. It’s proper beaut. She gave me it because it doesn’t fit her right she said. So it’s never even been worn 🙂 Love it! I’m gonna wear it in Scotland 🙂 SO said while we are there he’s gonna take me on dates. So I have to admit, I’m excited about that too. I don’t think I’ll even miss seeing T, cause I’ll be busy having a good time.

We are changing days then anyway so I wont miss two week! We had a okay session this week, I think. T still doesn’t get my self blame thing. We are going to be doing some EMDR on it apparently. I guess it’s worth a go! If she says it will help :/ I’m not sure though! I don’t see what the problem is!! It was weird on Friday, because I was really late for T! I text her, at 11.15, and I was meant to be there at 11.30!!! I didn’t get set off till about 11.25. Luckily T said she could change appointment to 11.45. So I got a 45 minute session in the end. Not the usual hour but I’m grateful T gave me that extra time!! I was kind of pissed that morning, because I’d lost time, I haven’t lost time like that for ages!! I still don’t know who I switched to, or what happened. I’m not gonna beat myself up over it though, because T wasn’t mad, so why should I be?? I can’t be perfect right! Everyone messes up sometimes. T understood why it happened anyway, and she was okay with it! So therefore I’m okay with it! I do want to know why I lost time though! That’s got me stumped!!

I guess it’s just one of those things, I hope it doesn’t start happening all the time though! I wouldn’t like that! Everything is becoming more settled, is something gonna fuck all that up?? Who knows! T will help me to get through it, whatever happens! So i’m not gonna worry!

Hey I noticed today that I am doing like really really good with my anxiety. I went to my Nieces birthday party, work, and SOs Mums today and I was okay! I had the thought that causes the anxiety, but I just went with it and it went away! It was just kind of a passing thought! Which is good. It isn’t always like that but that’s progress. I am glad about that. So T, and the meds are working 🙂 and that makes me real happy!!!

Anyway. I’m going… Bye.g



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