A poem we wrote for T


I believe I am bad down to the bone a true badness for all to see,

My T though you lie every time when you say there’s good in me. 

You wasn’t there to see it or to see what everyone said,

You wasn’t there to see mummy and daddy wish that I was dead.

You didn’t see my brother or sister with our friends,

Bullying the weurd crazy child with a badness that never ends.

I am clear as glass with the way I am even if you say I’m not.

After all it’s your job to think oh you were just a tot. 

You weren’t there though and you didn’t see how horrible I am,

It’s proof just how horrible when I’m not even loved by my mam.

Please tell me why you’re insisting that I am not all bad,

I am so bad that I was chosen to use by everyone including my dad.

What other reason is there for why I got so much,

What reason is there tell me why they all wanted to touch.

How come you deny me this little bit of blame,

Blaming myself is so much easier than admitting to the shame.

Accepting it was all my fault will maybe make me less bad,

Theb maybe mummy will like me and I won’t have to feel sad.

Maybe if she sees that I listened to what she said,

She’ll start to care and not say no more that I’m messing up her head.

I’m really sorry for what I done to everyone I know,

See they knew from the start that id be bad and said so.

I didn’t mean to though and I think that I can change if I try,

I just gotta figure what I done wrong then she won’t want me to die.


4 thoughts on “A poem we wrote for T

  1. oh i understand why its easier to feel like you’re bad, but T is right, you are not bad. you are a wonderful, caring, thoughtful beautiful person in and out. in time, that will become easier to accept and to believe. you never did them any wrong–it was they who did you terrible terrible wrongs.

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