An update….

It’s Monday…. The bank holiday weekend is almost over 😦 It hasn’t been that bad of a weekend really though.

On Thursday last week I ended up having to pick Aerron, our friends Son up from school. He’s in his first year of Infant School. As I don’t  pick him up often I had to go to the main reception to collect him. Well one of the teachers walked me through the school. It was fabulous!!! It’s an Infant and Junior school. The displays, the toys, the whole atmosphere! It really was fabulous! We had to go sit down on some small plastic children’s chairs, to wait for Aerron to finish, as we were sat there my child parts were so badly wanting to play, Jessie, Mute and Bee were so excited. There was a sandpit, and water table in the Infant department, so many books, drawing things. It was an overload of stuff for all of us to take in! We were in a happy mood for the rest of that day!!

On Friday we had to call in at SOs Dads, I don’t remember what for, before I went to T’s. I made sure I put an alarm on this time, so we didn’t leave to late, and I got to T’s in time! I was confused when I got there because the clock in reception said it was 2.55 and T came down for me. She never comes down early! Therapy was good though. T remembered to fetch blutack. She said she was going to fetch play-doh but had to get the bus and it was too much to carry. Anyway she had blutack. I made people out of blutack, and a tree. Then T made a rabbit and a bird, she put the bird in the tree. It made my safe place when we put a lego wall round them. It was good. T said she’s gonna save the blutack people too. I was gonna ask her to put them on her shelf but she shares her office so she couldn’t. Whilst I was messing with the blutack, we talked about me blaming myself for my past and me being bad. She said I’m not bad, but I  don’t believe her, she wasn’t even there. Anyway, we might be having some sessions on Mondays next month, cause T is away at conferences and stuff a lot on Fridays. Maybe it will be better doing our sessions on Mondays. We talked about going outside to the grass area in front of her office too when it’s sunny. T said she wasn’t sure it would be wise, but that she’d think about it.

After T’s SO and I went to my friend Rachs for her birthday party. I bought her some sourz as a present, it was the summer berry flavour, and it was really nice!!! I drank a bit much though, because I went to the shop and bought wine too. I was a bit tipsy when we came home. We had to come home early at 9 for SOs son. He wanted to get in the house but his key doesn’t work. So we came home and the little shit didn’t come until almost midnight. Kids!!! Aggravating or what!

We had an easy day on Saturday. Without an hangover :D:D I just wrote my story all day! It’s coming on now, 6000+ words! I’ve never really written a story before, so I’m impressed with how well this is coming along! Maybe we’ll be the next best seller 😉 Hahaha. I’m far from finished at the minute. We picked our friend up from work at 2am too. Just for the sake of it!

SO and I went to his Dads again on Sunday. He wanted us to get some reed screening to put on his fence, then go back and put it up. So we picked up some money, went shopping, then went and did the offices before going back and fitting the screening. Was easy really. So had wanted to call at his Mums but we couldn’t, the sky was black and we needed to get to his Dads before it started raining. 

Today wasn’t bad. We woke up realllllly late, but we hadn’t gone to sleep until after 4am! Our lodger was here when we got back. He’d just arrived with his kids and girlfriend, so we had them here for a few hours. I don’t mind it. I actually enjoy having the children round. Our friends left SO and me with the kids for a bit because they wanted to go to the shops. When they left SO and I put music from Jungle Book and stuff on through the laptop. We were dancing round the kitchen with the babies like total crazy nuts. As we were doing it I smiled and just kept thinking, yep this is what kind of mummy I’ll be! It was real fun! Even SO was excited and messing around. I think the kids thought we were barmy to be honest! 

Right now, I’m trying to motivate myself to do some more of my story!!! I want to do it but my minds blank and I can’t be bothered…. I’m sure though that once I start writing, I’ll get the bug and be on with it! 

Right, time to go, hope everyone’s okay!


2 thoughts on “An update….

  1. You always are so busy Bonny. I love your posts. So happy you had a good bank holiday weekend. And glad therapy is coming along well for yous too. XXX

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