It’s after 4am and I’m only just going to bed! Don’t know why I keep doing this. Staying up so late. Making myself feel rubbish. It’s stupid.

Had T today. Well yesterday. I’ll make a post about it this afternoon. It was an okay session.

It will be weird next week because I am seeing her at 11.30 instead of the usual time of 3. I guess sometimes it’s good to have it different. Good life practice or something. Everything can’t always be at a perfect time you’re used to!!!

Feeling okay now. Now the drinks worn off. I’ve decided alcohol puts me on a downer. It’s reminded me why I don’t drink. I emailes T and told her I want to give up an all sorts. She mustn’t have seen the email yet. Cause she would have replied to it. Either that or she knows I’m been stupid. Saying that though everyone says alcohol brings the truth out. So is that the way I really feel? Deep down? Who knows.

Anyway. Sleep time. Night…..


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