I just need to know it’s okay….

I am still feeling a bit off! Heard back from T this morning. Which was good but the niceness of hearing from her is wearing off! So now we are on youtube. Listening to music…..

We have 2 favourite songs right now. Uncle Kracker – Follow me and Rehab – Bartender. 

They are really good songs.


We had to go to SO’s Dads today, to do his garden. It went okay but it was really warm which is never good. I hate feeling sticky and nasty. When we had finish though his Dads partner had sorted some more clothes out and gave me some nice tops. She has a thing about buying things to build her confidence, keeps them for a while, never wears them then chucks them. Crazyness, it’s filling my wardrobe though. Which I guess I can’t complain about. 

After his Dads we went and cleaned his Mums house, she’s still away with Rick her husband for work. She had even more cold Coke, and the candle in her conservatory is even more melted from the roasting heat!!! There’s almost no candle left!

We had the offices to clean today too, then after that I went and bought some new sandals 😀 They were only £6 but I needed some and they were the only ones I actually liked. Can’t beat retail therapy! Could do with a lottery win to take myself on a shopping spree. Make some whole new mes! Hah.

Anyway I don’t even know what else to write. I am looking forward to Friday and seeing T! 


Dear me…. can tell what mood I am in. Brad Paisley – He didn’t have to be just came on my youtube playlist and I nearly set off crying!


Time to go!


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