It’s so warm. My best friend right now is this little beast of a fan! I washed our bedding tonight. I just put it back on, I feel like I did a big ass work out! Proper sticky and sweaty! Not good. I’m looking forward to going to bed with nice fresh bedding though and snuggling up to SO. I am glad that I have him. I love him dearly!!

Anyway, SOs multigym is meant to come tomorrow. He is excited! I just know it’s gonna be a real hassle to build. It will come in one million pieces. I was meant to be at the dentist tomorrow but I’m gonna reschedule because SO wont want to pull away from his shiny new toy!!! I guess I am excited for him too.

Oh our friends called earlier. They got our weighing scales out. People ones, and I realised I’ve lost around half a stone in weight this week. Just by eating a little better. Well a lot better. I have been having at least 2 proper meals In the day instead of the one we always used to have. Also I’ve been having breakfast and it’s really made a difference! I am starting to feel better. So fingers crossed I can lose a little more weight then feel a lot better about myself and feel more comfy in my clothes and stuff. 

We weighed our dogs today too. Max the Dobermann weighs 5.5stone and Kia the German Shepherd weighs over 6.5stone. They are getting sooooo big!

I guess I should go and get ready for bed. It’s 1am. I will hopefully hear from T soon. I emailed her earlier this evening. I haven’t even checked my emails….

Anyway, night all. X


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