:) good Sunday.

It’s officially Monday now, 12.10am. I had a real good Sunday!

SO and I were supposed to be going to a car show but we ended up staying at home and Andie fetched Mel and the kids down for a few hours.

The weather was fab. So warm. Kids stank of sun tan lotion and my dogs we soaked wet through from having a wash in their paddling pool. It was going great.

Andie is trying his best to rekindle things with Mel and she seems open to the idea. Which is good. Cause I don’t want him living with us for ages! I like my space.

Anyway, Oscar who’s 2 was playing on the grass with the dogs. We were keeping a close eye on him because we have a pond in the middle of the garden. 
Kids are fast though. Oscar started walking towards the pond, we were telling him no as I was getting up. Then next thing we knew Oscar was in the pond. I think just as he hit the water I was just about pulling him out. I have never moved so fast in my whole life.

Instinct made me just pull him out the pond by his arm like a rag doll. No time for picking him up nicely. Poor little mite had fallen in and instinctively was trying to swim. I got there that fast though that his hair didn’t even get wet! I was mortified.

Oscar had a real good cry, well scream, he was in shock. Shaking a little and stuff. So I got him all wrapped up in a towel from the radiator. That was warm. Then tried to preoccupy him and make him stop thinking about It.

He was okay after a little while and some cuddles from him Mum. Him and Theo played on the mat I got out with their toys and Oscar played more with the dogs. Keeping away from the pond this time!

I made us all dinner too. 🙂 and we ate outside with it being so warm. Had a few drinks. It was nice.

I really enjoyed seeing the kids all day. Loving them and playing with them 🙂

It’s great therapy for my child alters when we have kids round! Anyway here’s some photos of today. X











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