:( hard times…

I am struggling right now. I need my space but cannot have it.

All of us are finding this menses really difficult. It’s tiring me out. Then to top it off we have a friend staying for a few days. Him and his gf have split. He’s having to see his kids here for the next few days and it’s just hectic. I just badly want my space.

I feel like I need my T and I can’t wait. Friday seems a life time away. It’s going so slowly. I just need T to say it will be okay. It doesn’t feel okay. I don’t feel okay. We don’t feel okay!

I went to the dentist today, I didn’t see the dentist he was running really late. So I had to rebook my appointment. It will be next week now. I’m pissed about that cause we all got worked up for nothing. It was just a waste of time. Totally. Stress for nothing.

I just don’t know what to do. I am feeling numb and lost. Scared and lonely. I need my space I need my T and I need help.

I’m gonna try listen to music later. Calm myself down… I wish I could call T. I’m gonna email her and tell her I am struggling.

She will know what to say to help us.


5 thoughts on “:( hard times…

  1. so sorry all is so stressful right now. sounds like a long bubble bath and relaxing music is in order. just keep hanging on til friday!

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