What a day it’s been.

Today has been such a long day it’s stupid. I haven’t been as busy on a Friday in ages. It’s 12.30 am now and I’m just in bed. Writing this blog cuddling Max before SO comes to bed and puts him in the kitchen. Dober cuddles are lovely.

Anyway I started today at about 10.30… that may seem like a lay I but we slept bad on Thursday and were still awake at 4.30 am. Anyway I made up for it with busyness today.

I won my SO a gym thing on Ebay Thursday evening. He’s gonna put it in the garage so I had to make space before we collect it on Saturday. So I got up and got straight on it. In the garage sorting stuff out. I cleared the old airing cupboard out that used to hold the cold water tank in stepsons bedroom. Then got all of the camping crap, stuff i mean, out of the garage and put it in the cupboard. There was so much of it I was worried it wouldn’t fit but it went in. Then I had to take a big cupboard out of the garage to be broken up to take to the tip. The loads of things in the back yard to put in the shed. To fit things in tge shed though I had to take all of the outdoors chairs and table then put them in the summerhouse… it was hard work. By the time I was done. I had just enough time to get in the bath before therapy! It’s a good job too cause I stank nasty… I woke SO up before I got in the bath. It was about 1.30. Yeah I’m not kidding he was still sleeping!

Therapy went okay. T is always nice to see. She looked good today. Happier and more carefree almost. Anyway I think we kinda just had a random session today because we didn’t really work on anything. Just chatted. I was thinking though after and I did a big thing today. I asked T for something I needed. I showed her I needed something she could provide that at that time i couldn’t. Yes it was only a piece of tape. She had it though. It wasn’t the plaster I asked for but it did the job I needed it to do. Oh it was to wrap around my finger because I was picking at them. At the end of session T kinda touched a nerve and I almost switched to a angry alter. I could feel them. It was near the end though so we kept it at bay somehow. Oh when we were talking today T said I should write about my DID some more, about how I experience different parts and stuff. I think I’m gonna maybe have a good think about it. Maybe T will help me make a timeline of triggers or something to help me. Cause I don’t know all the stuff everyone else does. I forgot to tell T i had to go to the dentist on Tuesday… 😦

After therapy we calles at SOs dads to put some stuff in his car.  They are off away tomorrow and wanted us to pack the car for them. That was pretty easy to do. His partner gave me a jumper too that she bought but never wore. It’s nice πŸ™‚

We sold our fish tank today too. Well one of them. I have been trying to for ages! We had to deliver it. It was hard getting it emptied and into the car. It’s heavy. It was a big 250l tank. We got it sorted though. It only took 45 mins to drive to where we delivered it but the lady gave us petrol money so it was okay! The money from that though can go towards our holiday. SO said I could spend it on clothes if I wanted to but I’d rather use it wisely. Besides I already have a plan for buying some holiday clothes. πŸ™‚

When we came home from taking the tank. I had to sort the room back out again. There was so many wires it’s crazy! I got it sorted though, put all the furniture back, then hoovered the house. I didn’t get any food on til 10pm. That’s the only meal we’ve eaten all day too. Damnnn.

So yeah. That’s why I’m in bed. I think I might actually sleeo tonight too! Good job cause we have the gym to collect tomorrow. Then the gym to build back up. Then I said I’d help tarty set up his fish tank we got from my sisters tbe other day.

Oh and I will feel rubbish tomorrow too. The tablets from the hospital have made lady time begin to happen! I saw when I came home 😦 I don’t like including this in my blog but it’s my fertility diary as much as anything else. Anyway I’ll start clomid on Sunday if the period comes properly then have scans soon to see if I have ovulated this time. I’d be excited but after no luck with the last round I’m kind of pessimistic.

Tell you one thing though. Now I’ve stopped moving my belly hurts and my ovaries are throbbing like a bitch.


don’t try understand the above only my T will. She’ll smile at it too!

Laters, it’s sleel time..


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