:( Dentist.

I need to ring my dentist tomorrow, I keep getting twinges in my tooth that has the temp filling in, and the filling has really worn down. I did have it put in before xmas though. I think I need to accept that I’ve avoided it long enough and just get it sorted before my tooth gets real bad and painful. So I’m gonna tell my SO to make me ring tomorrow and make an appointment next week to have the tooth extracted. They can’t do root canal on it, my nerve doesn’t numb properly. Least if I go sooner the nerve wont be infected and really painful. So it should be easier. Also if I get in early next week it will be all sorted before we go away in June. I keep worrying that it’s gonna go bad on holiday anyway so if I just have it removed I’ll have one less thing to stress about. Yeah i dislike the dentist and wont like going but one day of worry is better than weeks isn’t it! I can just forget about it then. 

So yeah. I’m gonna call up the dentist and get my tooth pulled :/


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